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Core System Modernization

Our System Review Framework starts with work with your team to take inventory of your current assets, and determine the options within the market for targeted upgrade and replacement programs. We are experiences with all current in market claims, policy and ancillary systems, as well as have insight into their implementation high and low notes based on real life project execution.

Carriers need to become "buyers" in this process. We will help you get past the sales pitch to the reality of a system replacement. The first step of the process is a properly structured and executed RFP that will probe on the specific topics that will ensure you get what you need - not just what they are selling!

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Carrier Roadmap Development

Technology is changing at a rapid pace in insurance. Separating what needs to be delivered from how it is delivered is one crucial component of a well crafted roadmap. Ensuring that near term, mid term and long term goals are defined in terms of technical and business goals will enable you to mature your roadmap overtime without necessitating a full rewrite. We take a practical approach to roadmap development. As an example, it is not practical or cost effective to do Big Bang replacements. Through practical sequencing aligned with benefit realization, a planned and measured approach can be taken to roadmap execution. Contact us to start the discussion on your goals!

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Brokerage Modernization

The world is perhaps changing quickest for brokers. Clients are looking to be serviced in the manner to which they are accustom from other service providers, but also want their broker to continue to be their Trusted Advisor. Clients are also looking for a more personalized experience from their brokers, juxtaposed to having access to brokerage functions 24/7. On top of all this, you are likely looking to improve efficiencies within your office - automating non-value add services will free up core staff time to delight your customers. Connecting directly to carriers can also be a huge advantage in terms of cost efficiency. Examining your Broker Management System options can also yield wins, as does looking at how you accept payments. Let's talk on where you are at so far on the path to Broker Digital Enablement and what your key goals are. We would love to assist you with the achievement of these goals in an efficient and affordable manner!

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