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Data + Connectivity

Our industry will soon be shaped by collective connectivity. Until it becomes a reality, much can be done to get ready. Presenting a single, unified API interface suite to all vendors and digital brokers is a design choice that your organization should be making at this time. The choice on moving to CSIO XML or ACORD JSON are other potential items for consideration. We can assist you in developing your roadmap, and provide a suite of technical solutions tailored for the Canadian market to get you on the path to delivery quickly.  We also provide expertise and solutions on all insurance data standards, from legacy AL3 download through to current proprietary policy admin system formats.  We are committed to the approach documented in the Broker Digital Enablement Roadmap set out by the industry in 2018, and would love to discuss moving you forward on this exciting path!

Data Conversions

Moving data from point to point always comes with unique challenges. We have decades of experience helping clients move data from legacy systems to warehouses, new claims and policy systems, and developing analytical bases for product development. Let's talk on your goals and the options available to you!

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Stat Reporting+

3Tree's Statistical Reporting Super Heroes offer you the skill set that you need to correct and improve your IBC, GAA, and Risk Sharing Pool submissions. We have a passion for statistical reporting matched by none! We work with our clients to determine root causes for reporting issues from their legacy reporting applications and source systems to quickly rectify and eliminate problems.

We typically engage with clients when their reporting process has had adverse results from business or system changes. We will work with your team to develop a system and regulatory correction plan that will satisfy monitoring bodies, and move you into a better space with confidence.

If you are in a planning cycle for modernization of your Policy Administration Systems and looking for an accompanying plan on moving your statistical reporting into a more modern and flexible system, we also offer the resources and technology you need to get a plan in place and move forward. We have experience working with most legacy and new to market PAS. Let's talk on your plans!

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Telematics 2.0

Early adopters of telematics have learned an important lesson – technology needs to back strategy, not vice versa. We will work with you to identify what elements will resonate best with your existing client base, and assist you to attract the business you want to write. The market is changing. Studies of your competitors indicate that disruption will shape the future of insurance.

Approaches to rate setting, market segmentation, technology and products are all evolving quickly. Clients are more savvy and looking past any value adds to locate the value add they want specifically for their business. As a carrier, you want to capitalize on the next generation of telematics, beyond UBI to RBI - Risk Based Insurance.

Included in our Telematics 2.0 arsenal are tools to bring your products to life, and ensure a healthy policy lifecycle.  From personal, fleet and home automation tools, our experts will work with your team to a successful launch - and beyond!

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